I love emoji’s just as much as the next person. Every text conversation with me is liberally sprinkled with the prayer hands emoji, and the blonde queen, because we are totally twins. But Jane Fonda is calling out the app for having too few feminist emojis.

Fonda was on Colbert’s show back in 2007, and the two flirted and joked in the cutest way possible, with Fonda even sitting on Colbert’s lap and kissing him, much to the host’s surprise. This interview was much more tame, despite Colbert jokingly opening the interview imploring that they needed to keep the interview professional, despite their chemistry.

So Fonda took a different route. When Colbert brought up the actress’ love of emoji’s, Fonda pointed out the severe lack of feminist representation. Colbert reminded her of the queen emoji, to which Fonda replied, “I’d rather be president.”

Fonda is definitely a feminist icon, and has always been outspoken in her beliefs (as she should be!). Just this past May, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sat down with the Huffington Post to bust some myths about feminism. In the interview, Fonda said, “Feminism doesn’t mean that you’re against men or that you’re some angry bra-burner[…] Feminism is nothing less than saying I want to be a whole human being with equal rights and equal opportunities.”

Colbert was totally on board, and even had a few mock emojis created for Fonda’s okay. Some of Fonda’s favorites? “70 cents on the dollar,” “Miley Cyrus,” and “A woman leaning in.” The bit may have been a joke, but I want these emoji’s BADLY. My favorite? The Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

(Image via CBS.)