Look, it’s always adorable when little kids are up for big awards…

(Cue Quvenzhané and her biceps/triceps for days.)


And it’s ALWAYS adorable when they win those big awards…

(Cue Anna Paquin not even being able to deal.)


It’s the cutest-best to have kids in the running for awards season and though this year’s boy wonder Jacob Tremblay of Room isn’t nominated for an Oscar, he did just win Best Young Actor at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards. And you know what that means…


Here’s Tremblay standing on his tippy-toes to reach the mike because he’s the size of the littlest elf and delivering his killer opening line.


He followed the perfect “Whoa, this is super cool” with the maybe-even-more-perfect “This is the best day of my life” and our insides exploded.

You can only stand on your tiptoes for so long, and so presenter Bradley James stepped in and helped out:


Tremblay was then able to begin his speech, and he started, like many winners do, by acknowledging the awesomeness of all the other nominees:

“I first want to say thank you to all the critics who voted for me. It must be a super-hard vote because of all the other great actors in this category.”

Stop, it hurts too cute. Everyone in the audience agrees with us:


He then thanked his cast and crew, but in a way that is cuter than anyone else has ever or will ever thank their cast and crew.

“I think us working together made this movie come true, and this award doesn’t just go to me for that, it goes to all of you guys as well.”


Every line so far has been solid gold, but his closer is his pièce de résistance:

“And I know where to put this. Right on the shelf next to my Millennium Falcon.”


Dear Jacob, please stay nine forever?

Check out all the cuteness below:

(Images via ABC/Tumblr, A&E/YouTube,)