Kimmie Jones
April 13, 2015 6:00 am

Unless you live in a bomb shelter or lost your Facebook password last week, you’re probably aware that Netflix is in talks to spin-off the long-dormant, but much beloved, series Full House, and that Candace Cameron Bure (America’s sweetheart DJ Tanner) and Andrea Barber (America’s annoying neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler) would be reprising their roles. This past weekend, John Stamos confirmed the show is pretty close to being solidified, and kinda took credit for it. Oh, Uncle Jesse.

Upon seeing the reports saturate my newsfeed and judging by the presence of triple exclamation points and OMG’s that accompanied the story links, you could say Full House love is still running strong. It’s almost as if you could practically hear every girl in the 25-35 age bracket and many others who have discovered it in syndication let out a collaborative “Oh Mylanta!” upon hearing the news.

Although this series is still not officially confirmed (though Stamos was pretty convincing), it’s never too early to be prepared for the blessed day when the lovably squeaky clean family reenters the zeitgeist of pop culture. With that in mind, I have done the Internet research to find items that will allow you to pledge your allegiance to all things Full House. Better yet, everything is $35 or under so you don’t have to go broke to show your nostalgic Tanner pride.

1. DJ Turntables Tee via The Candace Cameron Bure Website – $25

This truly celebrates my level of hipness. Can Skrillex or BassNectar even compete with a girl that wore the same outfit as her teacher on the first day of Junior High?!?

2. Have Mercy Throw Pillow   via Fred Dufort on Redbubble – $19.84

Ever wanted to cozy up with John Stamos on the couch, well now you can! You can literally make waking up with your drool on his face a reality!

3. “You Got it Dude!” greeting card  via Meet Me in Shermer – $4.33

Whether you are congratulating someone for their recent promotion at Wake Up, San Francisco or sending a much needed apology for crashing a classic car through the family kitchen, this card is always appropriate.

4. Jesse and The Rippers T-shirt via Hot Topic – $20.50

Because going to see the Rippers on the Forever Concert Tour in the early ’90s was impossible, but owning this shirt isn’t!

5. Cut it Out! Cell phone case via  Stephanie Hertl on Redbubble – $25

This is pretty much what I have wanted to tell every telemarketer ever. Now my phone case can do it for me courtesy of Joey Gladstone’s infamous catch phrase—the most ubiquitous pseudo-sign language since 2 Legit 2 Quit!

6. Wake Up, San Francisco! beach tote bag  via Kaptain Myke– $28.99

This is pretty much the perfect bag to take on adventures…to Disney World or Hawaii…or even just for a last minute Honeybee sleepover.

7. Full House Cast Names Mens Baseball Shirt via Moment Tees– $35

It’s unfair to keep all the good merch for ladies only. Got a dude in your life who is loud and proud with his love of retro TV? He’s a keeper!


8. Uncle Jesse and Joey studs via Lord of The Earrings– $7.50

Remember when Stephanie allowed Gibbler to pierce her ears because Danny told her she wasn’t old enough? Maybe if she had these studs, he would have been OK with it! The world will never know.

9. Thug Life (Saget Shirt)  via Skreened– $17.74

It’s high time someone celebrates the street cred of Danny Tanner, the OG of obsessive cleanliness.

10. Full House Print   via The Lassooed Moon– $18

Fill your home with San Fran-centric art work so the Tanners can literally be everywhere you look.