There’s nothing worse on this beautiful, green Earth than uncomfortable shoes. Sound like an exaggeration? Have you ever been out for the night in shoes so painful that they make you want to cry and stab yourself in eye at the same time? I have. The night ended in me walking barefoot to my car in the rain as I angrily threw my cheap heels into the nearest bush. That was the day I said goodbye to placing ‘cute’ over ‘comfort’.

I found Juil not long after that miserable evening. Juil Earthing Shoes are the opposite of miserable. They’re amazing. They’re comfortable and they promote overall health and balance. Every pair of Juil shoes (and sandals) has copper dots at the toes and the heel. These dots act as a conduit and allow you to stay balanced and brings you closer to the Earth.

They have a wide variety of sandals and shoes available for great prices. Especially considering that they’re all so comfortable and are such great quality that you’ll want to wear them every day until they fall apart. Which probably won’t happen for another 20 years. I have the Mojanda sandals and the Holland clogs (seen below). The Holland clogs are not for sale at the moment but they’re a late summer staple and will be brought back next year.

Order yours here.