Credit: Denise Truscello / WireImage

Nothing really comes as a surprise to us anymore, however we’re pretty amazed to hear that some people think that Drake is dating Jennifer Lopez.

So far this year Drake has been linked to Rihanna after a slightly awkward moment at the MTV VMAs, and the Canadian rapper was also said to be seeing Taylor Swift, too (although the pair *could* also just be making music together).

Now rumors are circulating online that Drake has been spending a lot of time with Jennifer Lopez.

A week ago, Drake uploaded a couple of pictures to Instagram to share the fact that he was at J.Lo’s popular Las Vegas show, All I Am, which is held at the Axis Theatre in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

The pair posed for a rather cute selfie together, too, which J.Lo also shared on to her account.

However, TMZ is now reporting that J.Lo joined Drake and 20 other guests at a soiree at the West Hollywood restaurant, Delilah, where Drizzy also held his 30th birthday celebrations. A source even told Entertainment Tonight that it appeared that the two were on a “date”. TMZ also alleges that the two are working on new music together.

Of course, just like when Drake was said to be dating Taylor Swift, people online went a bit mad when they heard that Drizzy and J.Lo could be an item. false false false

Someone even caught footage of Drake at J.Lo’s show and he looks rather entranced. false false

Obviously, these are just rumors and it’s entirely possible that Drake and J.Lo are just admirers of each other’s work. Similarly, like the Drizzy and TayTay rumor, they could also only be working on music together. Or, perhaps (and this is totally understandable), Drake is just a HUGE fan of J.Lo’s Las Vegas show.

Tbh, we could totally be onboard with a Drake and J.Lo duet so we’re hoping that, regardless of what’s going on, that’s something that comes to fruition.