This Irish journalist’s very dramatic weather report deserves an Oscar

Oscar season is upon us, and we’ve found a really strong contender for the Best Dramatic Performance category. But since that category doesn’t exist, we’ll settle for everyone just agreeing that this video is fantastically dramatic and hilarious and should definitely be nominated for something somewhere.

Irish journalist Teresa Mannion was just doing her job as a TV weather reporter during a major storm. She was battling the powerful wind and rain as Storm Desmond pummeled itself across Galway, Ireland. While wearing a hat and raincoat and yelling into a giant green microphone, Mannion pleaded with the people of Galway not to “make unnecessary journeys and take risks on treacherous roads” and not to be “idiotic” and “swim in the sea.”

Her intense passion helped the video to go viral, because the Internet loves passion. Especially when the passion is so real and serious, but everyone else finds it hilarious. While many people have been praising her efforts in a really difficult situation, others think it’s pure comedy — including Mannion herself.

“I can totally see how it’s comedy gold, but you’ve got to walk in my shoes for a moment,” she told Ireland’s RTÉ Radio 1. “I was in my own little storm bubble and trying to do my job and deliver.”

Even though she can totally see how the video is funny, she still stands by her broadcast.

“I know we’re having fun with it and it is what it is,” she continued. “But we went to that location to say it was really dangerous. . . It was very much about a public service.”

She’s become a huge hit not only in Ireland, but everywhere there’s Internet. She’s even gotten a few thousand followers out of her brush with Internet fame. “I really am a saddo on Twitter,” she joked. “If I get a few followers a week I’m happy — I can’t stop looking at the phone!”

The whole ordeal has made Mannion into a bonafide star! When she arrived at a location for her next assignment, mobs of kids were waiting for her. “The kids just came from everywhere,” she said. “It’s the girl from Salthill! It’s the weather girl!’ I posed for about 100 selfies in Ballina.”

Remixes of the news report have already been made, because of course.

We love Mannion’s commitment to keeping the public safe and informed and think she’s fantastic at her job.

(Image via video.)