Sophia Elias
Updated Dec 11, 2014 @ 9:51 am

Any chance you still have your iPod classic? You know, the clunky lookin’ brick with the pushable circle in the middle? Welp, today might be your lucky day.

Just two months after Apple announced its discontinuation of the model, the iPod Classic has made an unprecedented comeback in secondhand sales. Online vendors like Amazon and eBay have reportedly seen the product sell for up to four times its original price. Yep, you read that correctly. Happy Holidays, iPod Classic owners!

Aside from its post-millennial “throwback” appeal, the iPod Classic has a lot more storage space than its contemporary counterparts. According to The Guardian, its “storage capacity [is] double the size of any current iPods still being made,” with the 160GB model holding approximately 40,000 songs. Just goes to show you, storage space goes a long way. Y’hear that, Apple? Don’t ever make an 8GB iPhone again. Ever.

In honor of this tech relic’s comeback, we’re celebrating with a playlist…but not just any playlist. You see, the iPod Classic has made us very happy for the last thirteen years. It would only be right to hash out a few songs from its birth in 2001. A throwback gadget deserves throwback songs! Besides, music nostalgia gives us warm and fuzzy feelings.

Brace yourselves. This is good.

1. Outkast – “Ms. Jackson”

If “Ms. Jackson” didn’t change the way you apologized to any Ms. Jackson you knew in real life, then I have no words for you. Maybe you should revisit the music video and appreciate all of these animals bobbing their heads.

2. Crazy Town – “Butterfly”

Aside from those twisted guitar riffs, “Butterfly” is most famous for its infectious chorus (“you mah buddah-fly…shugah…behbe”). Listening to this song 13 years later, I realize I didn’t pick up on sexual innuendo when I was 11. Go figure.

3. Dream – “He Loves You Not”

It doesn’t get any more 2001 than cheerleader choreography and shiny pink halter tops (with the pants to match, of course). And let’s not negate that back lit “Dream” sign spelled out in Curlz font. I always saw this competitive little ditty was sort of like the 2001 follow-up to Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine”.

4. Mya – “Case of the Ex”

“Case of the Ex” was essentially our first lesson in pestering exes. Granted, some of us didn’t fully understand the song’s sentiment (we were young). But at the very least, we knew not to mess with Mya. She can get down to some mean desert choreography.

5. Nelly Furtado – “I’m Like a Bird”

It wouldn’t be “I’m Like a Bird” without a little 2001 music video surrealism. Please note Nelly’s Adidas sneakers and denim parachute pants.

6. Lifehouse – “Hanging by a Moment”

Who didn’t think of their crush when this song came on? “Hanging by a Moment” was the ultimate lovey dovey rock song. It had just enough angst to make even the most hardened pessimists swoon. Take it from me, it was my guilty pleasure.

7. Craig David – “Fill Me In

Who knew this song was about sneaking around your parents? Well, it is — and we’re loving it. With lyrics like “now you’re dressed in black, when you left, you were dressed in white,” it makes this song (and Craig David) all the more endearing.

8. Eden’s Crush – “Get Over Yourself”

Aside from “Survivor” “Get Over Yourself” was the ultimate breakup song of 2001. True to 2001, there are illuminated floors and leather low rises galore. Who else wanted one of those butterfly tops back in the day?

9. Dave Matthews Band – “The Space Between”

“The Space Between” was made to accompany you through all your nervous breakdowns. To this day, the song is still worth its weight in tears. There’s nothing wrong with having a little cry session in the car, folks.

10. 3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite”

I’m not sure if Brad Arnold was asking rhetorically about whether or not we’d call him Superman (that is, if he went crazy). But I’m gonna go ahead and answer “yes” for all of us. After all, it’s been thirteen years and “Kryptonite” is still a radio favorite.

11. Lil Mo feat. Fabolous – “Superwoman”

It seems as if a Superman-theme went around recording studios in 2001, huh? Even if you couldn’t harmonize with Lil Mo, you were probably catching the end of the chorus with a heartfelt, “beeee your.. . ..Suuuu-per…woooo-man”.

12. Lee Ann Womack – “I Hope You Dance”

For some reason, this song always reminded me of a horse running in slow motion. Despite that, its chorus was perfect for group sing-alongs and/or for self indulgent alone times.

13. Sugar Ray – “When It’s Over”

Mark McGrath has since turned his sights onto co-hosting shows like Extra and Don’t Forget the Lyrics, but we will forever remember him as the lead singer of Sugar Ray. Aside from his frosted tips, “When It’s Over” won over our young and impressionable hearts.

14. Destiny’s Child – “Survivor”

Can you believe it’s been thirteen years since “Survivor” synced to our iPods? I almost forgot to mention that Beyonce was only twenty years old here. She’s been giving us power anthems for well over fifteen years!

15. Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim – “Lady Marmalade”

My guess is that you’ve probably belted out “Lady Marmalade” one time or another. . .even if you didn’t know what “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir” meant (Hint: it means “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?”). You have to admit, though — saying “Mocha chocalata ya ya” was too much fun.

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