Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 06, 2017 @ 3:20 pm
introvert soap
Credit: Whiskey River Soap Co./

Every day, it seems like we hear about another oddly specific type of soap people are making. Whether it’s soap based on your zodiac sign or the newest concoction from Lush, you could probably spend a lifetime trying out new types of soap. (We…kind of do, if we’re gonna be real, but there are so many options! How can you be loyal to just one!?)

Now, there’s something new, and even more strangely specific than the types of soap we’ve seen before.

The Whiskey River Soap Co. is now making soap specifically formulated for introverts.

introvert soap
Credit: Whiskey River Soap Co./

We’re not entirely sure if they mean that this soap is for introverts, as in it won’t expect you to make small talk for hours*, or if it smells like introverts, whatever that means.

*If your soap is asking you to make small talk, you should seek help or buy new soap because yours is next level sci-fi sentient moldy.

The soap will run you $8.95, which in the world of locally-sourced ingredients and handmade soap is a pretty reasonable deal. The website describes introvert soap as:

Honestly, we really want to buy this soap, but we also feel a liiiiiittle attacked by it. What do you mean we’re not going anywhere anyway?! Introverts like to go out sometimes, too, y’know.

(But… yeah, no, we’re not going anywhere anyway.)