Elizabeth Entenman
May 07, 2016 9:16 am
Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com

Jared Leto has made quite a name for himself as a method actor. While filming the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, he totally became the Joker, and sent his fellow actors creepy gifts like bullets (for Will Smith), a live rat (for Margot Robbie), and a deck of cards and a scary hand-written note (for Jay Hernandez).

The actor’s next method role could very well be on the horizon — Leto might be playing Lestat de Lioncourt in the reboot of the 1994 film Interview with a Vampire.

But let’s back up a bit. Rumors of a remake have been swirling for years. Then, in 2014, Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment acquired the rights to the Anne Rice book series The Vampire Chronicles. Writers Josh Boone and Jill Killington got to work on a screenplay, and just recently announced that it was complete.

Many actors have been rumored to be up for the role, including Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. and even the original Lestat, Tom Cruise. But if Boone has his way, the role will be filled by Jared Leto. He posted this tweet a few days ago, and we still aren’t sure what to make of it.

Is it a casting announcement? Or just wishful thinking? Was Boone actually with Leto? Did he take this picture himself? Only time will tell, but for what it’s worth, we think Leto would make a fantastic Lestat. He’s so, so good at playing complex, complicated characters, and now that we think about it, the actor very well could be a vampire IRL already.

If this happens, Jared Leto will certainly be making a name for himself as the actor who reprises iconic roles! And if Leto is Lestat, who will be his Louis?