Priscilla Blossom
March 29, 2016 4:36 pm
General Pants

Sexism in advertising is nothing new. Anyone who’s ever seen a Carl’s Jr. ad in recent years has seen the way the company exploits women’s bodies without batting an eye (even though their market research has proven what we all know —it ain’t working to sell more burgers). And it’s not just the burger joints doing it. Clothing companies are also guilty of these sexist tactics, including Australian-based brand General Pants.

General Pants

In their General Pants’ latest ad, which Cosmo UK spotted, their female models bare their bodies while the male counterparts sit pretty much fully clothed. One of the female models doesn’t seem to even be wearing ANYTHING, and just covers her breasts with her hands. The one guy who’s shirtless is still mainly hidden behind a large denim jacket.

Female nudity in advertising can be totally empowering and awesome and sexy. Lane Bryant’s latest ads always featured women in underwear owning their bodies. Back in 2014, Rihanna’s nude perfume ad was actually banned BECAUSE she was embracing her sexuality —but the ad’s message, in fact, was a body-positive one. However, when women’s nude or near-nude bodies are being used as accessories for men, then we run into problems.

We’ve reached out to General Pants, but they have not responded to requests for comment.