Briana Hansen
April 02, 2016 9:51 am

Sure, sometimes Photoshop can be used for not-so-great purposes, like retouching magazine covers to create unrealistic expectations of body image and beauty. But other times, it’s used for wonderful purposes, like creating hilarious images from awkward pictures of celebrities. Like when Keanu Reeves was eating a sandwich alone and the Internet had a field day with Sad Keanu memes. Or when Shaq fell on live TV and then had a contest to make the funniest meme out of it.

But this Jennifer Lawrence playing basketball meme trend is (as she often does herself) winning everything.

It started out so simply. J.Law decided to play a simple game of basketball. Somebody caught some pictures of it, including this one.

The good people of Reddit caught hold of it and decided to see all the creative ways they could make this picture even more entertaining. In doing so, they all put up their three fingers in support of the Mockingjay and began their brave quest. And here are some of the gems that quest produced.

Like J.Law playing yarn with kittens.

Or JLaw auditioning for a role on The Walking Dead.

Somebody took the zombie-theme one step further and made her dance Thriller-style.

Here’s a little J.Law wanting up to be with Mommy.

And, of course, JLaw going for a swim like an elegantly awkward mermaid.

There are many more on the Reddit challenge itself to check out for yourself.

It’s of course super fun to see what the hilarious and impressively creative contributors have come up with. But the best part of this contest is imagining Jennifer seeing it for herself and inevitably laughing at them. The actress has a legendary sense of humor and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously at all. Our guess is that she’ll get an even bigger kick out of the pictures than we do.