Steph Barnes
April 02, 2017 2:54 pm

It looks like we missed a huge opportunity to participate in one of our favorite sleepover activities and we didn’t even realize it. On April 1st, thousands of people from all over the world celebrated International Pillow Fight Day — yes, it’s a thing and we’re so disappointed we missed out.

Public pillow fights were held in cities around the world on Saturday. Those lucky enough to participate came armed with their fluffiest pillows and cushions (feather-filled, for obvious reasons) and spent the day battling it out in parks and other open spaces. Some folks stepped out ready to “fight” dressed in full costumes, masks, and goggles, while others stayed true to the sleepover tradition and wore their most comfy PJs instead.

Just look at the feathers fly in downtown L.A.

Even this British police officer got in on the action.

London’s Kennington Park looked almost magical.

We’re loving this Canadian daddy-daughter duo.

Here’s New York’s Washington Square Park.

This family from Cali are ready to fight.

Who knew pillow fights could create such Instagram-worthy moments?

And in Amsterdam, this little cutie seems captivated by the feathery mess.

These shots are giving us serious FOMO vibes. The Urban Playground Movement organized their first ever Pillow Fight Day almost eight years ago and since then, the “movement” has gone global. The magical day of fun aims to bring communities closer together. And in some cities, after all the fun ends, those left standing will collect pillows and bedding to donate to those less fortunate.

Now that’s definitely something we can get behind. We’ve already made a note in our calendars for next year!