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Updated May 21, 2016 @ 8:23 am
Credit: NBC

Love makes the world go round and TV love is somehow better. Okay, it’s not better, but a LOT of TV weddings are more glamorous than the real thing. There are so many gorgeous and romantic ones, we couldn’t help but think how great they would look on our Instagram feeds (you know, if we could be friends with these amazing characters IRL).

Matthew Crawley & Lady Mary Crawley

Everyone on Downton Abbey dressed sophisticated and chic, so it was no surprise that when Matthew and Mary said “I do,” that it was an elegant affair. Adding a little sepia tone and vintage border to any shot at this wedding would make for the perfect photo memory. Side note: We have serious veil envy.

Credit: PBS

Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly

And the award for cutest couple goes to… our favorite couple from The Office! Now to be fair, the actual ceremony for Jim and Pam was simple (the one that their friends witnessed), so it wasn’t the best for the Insta world, but when they snuck off to Niagara falls and kissed under the water (and tied the knot first) it was social media gold.

Credit: NBC

Dr. Arizona Robbins & Dr. Callie Torres

The decor for this wedding was top notch. This Grey’s Anatomy couple was SO freaking cute together and they definitely balanced one another out. Besides pulling at our heart strings by having Dr. Miranda Bailey officiate, the use of white flowers, candles and purple draping was almost too much beauty to handle.

Credit: ABC

Nathan Scott & Haley James Scott

One Tree Hill was the best show when it came to young love and weddings. The first couple to tie the knot on the series was Nathan and Haley and it was super romantic. If you attended this ceremony there is no way you wouldn’t post Haley’s carriage entrance all over your Twitter. Side note: Both Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer’s wedding and Brooke Davis and Julian Baker’s big day were equally as Insta-worthy.

Credit: The CW

Jackie Taylor & Mel Silver

Despite the fact that this Beverly Hills, 90210 wedding was not for one of the main characters (it was Kelly’s mom and David’s dad), it was still amazing. The best part about the day was the bright pink dresses the bridesmaids had to wear. Using the saturation filter was a must to show off just how pink these totally ’90s gowns were. #PrettyinPink

Credit: FOX

Sarah Braverman & Hank Rizzoli

Cue the tears now! This episode of Parenthood was basically a continuous cry fest and the wedding was a major reason why. Capturing this father-daughter dance would’ve been the first thing we posted from this joyous day, but not the last. Sarah’s lace dress, the family in their prime and the gorgeous location were all worthy of blowing up our newsfeed.

Credit: NBC

Schmidt & Cece Parekh

Everyone, and we mean everyone, on New Girl is photogenic and we definitely noticed them all during one of the most magical TV weddings to ever miss a groom. The traditional wedding aspects to match Cece’s culture were perfect, but it’s the outdoor reception that we’d put up on our social media accounts for days. The florals, pops of red and candles laid out on the table are very eye-catching.

Credit: FOX

Ben Wyatt & Leslie Knope

When Ben and Leslie tied the knot on Parks and Recreation, we got all the feels. It was easily the best DIY wedding ever on TV. It was simple and elegant, and when Leslie wore a gown with a newspaper skirt it took the whole event to another level. Every angle of that dress should be shot and posted… everywhere. It’s so impressive.

Credit: NBC

Special Agent Seeley Booth & Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan

Oh man this day was a LONG time coming for Bones fans. Lucky for them it was practically perfect. The ceremony was outdoors, on an exquisite day with a backdrop of roses and fountains. Could it be any more picturesque?

Credit: FOX

Hayley Marshall & Jackson Kenner

Did you expect anything but elegance from TV weddings on The Originals? Even though there is a lot of death and destruction on this series, this moment was magical and felt like a fairytale. Hayley’s gown was romantic and retro, while the candles placed everywhere in sight added another level of beauty we couldn’t help but notice.

Credit: The CW

Marnie Michaels & Desi Harperin

The first thing we’d do at this bohemian-vibe Girls wedding would be to get a closeup of that intricate bouquet. Marnie’s flowers, her angelic hair crown and fabulous lace bell sleeves would all be on our photo checklist.

Credit: HBO

Which TV wedding do you think is the most Instagrammable?