Credit: Shutterstock

Thank you, Tech Gods, for knowing what it is we truly need in this life. A new app called Instasnoop allows for maximum creepage by eliminating that one thing we all fear: The accidental like. There’s no worse feeling than being twenty weeks back in someone’s feed and accidentally liking a photo because you pressed your screen too hard.

This, and other pet peeves, is exactly what Instasnoop was created for. On Instasnoop, the option to like a photo is totally nonexistent. It’s still your normal Instagram feed, just imported into a different app that stops all possibility of that social awkwardness occurring.

The app was founded by model Olivia Orchowski with entrepreneurial help from Nic Davidson. Orchowski originally wanted to the app to take a look at her ex’s new girlfriend. She took the vice we all have and made it a guilt-free possibility.

It also has a few other perks, like the ability to zoom in on photos, and to take a wider look at your network to see who you’re following as well as if they’re following you.

Arguably the most devilish part of the app is the “Snooplist,” a literal list of people who you don’t want to publicly follow, but whose updates you still want to creep on. It’s perfect for when you start a new job and want to take a look at your coworkers, or have a friend-crush on a girl in your class who you don’t know well enough to reach out to. Add people, and even just photos, to your Snooplist for commitment-free snooping that eliminates all possibility of embarrassment.

The best part? It’s free. So get creeping! We won’t tell, and now, thankfully, neither can anyone else.