Teri Wilson
Updated May 19, 2016 @ 11:25 am
Credit: Instagram

Is there anything dreamier than a hot guy chowing down on mashed chickpeas with a heaping dose of garlic? (Don’t answer that.)

Seriously, a seemingly endless photo stream of men dipping their pitas into bowls of hummus (not a euphemism) is more fascinating than you might think. Trust. How else to explain the popularity of our latest Instagram obsession, Hot Dudes and Hummus?

It’s a thing. For real. The @hotdudesandhummus Instagram describes itself as “Israel’s Yummiest Tag” and boasts over 14,000 followers. (That’s lot of people who enjoy looking at hot guys eating hummus. A WHOLE lot. Who knew?)

The page features pics of hot guys eating hummus while reclining on cars…

Hanging out at the beach…

And chilling with other equally hot dudes eating hummus.

There are lots of pics of hot guys who were apparently so eager to get down to the business of hummus-eating that they forgot to put on their shirts.

As well as plenty of photos featuring guys who managed to get fully dressed before indulging.

So yeah. Something for everyone.

Bless you, internet.