When Stephanie Hirst of Melbourne, Australia brought home a new pet cat three years ago, the Guinness Book of World Records was the last thing on her mind. But it wasn’t long before Hirst realized that she was the owner of what might be the longest cat in the world. Omar, a seriously adorable orange Maine Coon, weighed in at 20 pounds before he even reached his first birthday.

Today, Omar is three feet and 11 inches long (yes, you read that correctly) and clocks in at 30.8 pounds. In fact, he’s twice the size of his sort-of sibling, a sheltie named Penny.

Hirst recently submitted Omar’s photos and measurements to Guinness World Records so he can officially hold the title of “Longest Cat in the World.”

Regardless of whether or not he claims the coveted record, Omar is already a bonafide Instagram celeb — over 56,000 users and counting currently follow his feline adventures.

Omar is already a winner in our book — and he gets bonus points for that dapper bow tie.