Daryl Lindsey
November 28, 2016 4:00 pm
KSLA News 12

A 8-month-old baby is alive and unhurt after being ejected in a car crash and landing in a storm drain, making us a bit more inclined to believe in miracles.

An 18-wheeler clipped a family of five’s car as they drove along the highway in Texarkana, Arkansas, according the KSLA News 12. The car flipped and 8-month-old Bryce was ejected from the vehicle.

After realizing she was missing, the family began frantically searching for her, eventually finding her sitting in the storm drain after hearing “human-sounding noises” coming from underground.

Medical teams took the family to the hospital, but authorities say baby Bryce didn’t suffer so much as a scratch. Officials believe she rolled down the hill and fell gently into the grate.

To quote a certain favorite Netflix Original Series: Females are strong as hell.