Credit: Nike

When the advertising firm responsible for creating India’s first Nike ad was brainstorming how to get their message across—that women athletes are badass and sports are for EVERYONE—they hit on a can’t-miss formula: a thumping soundtrack, stunning cinematography, and an “ultimate girl sport squad” a la T-Swift to represent the country’s diversity. That real-life squad includes national hockey player Rani Rampal, surfer Ishita Malaviya, and actress and badminton player Deepika Padukone.

Ready for these ladies to become your new role models? Hit play on this video to see them in action, and good luck not getting up and dancing to the infectious beats of “Da Da Ding”:

Amazing, right? The ad/music video/epic dose of #fitspiration is called Da Da Ding, and Nike rolled out a website of the same name to share the athlete’s inspirational stories. Here’s one from Deepika:

Who knows how many young girls will be inspired by the fierce images in this video and the powerful messages women like Deepika are sharing? Well played, all around.