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With Halloween just over a week away, the pressure’s on to find the best Halloween costume, amirite? Well, via Nerdist, we just found the best Ghostbusters costume ever — the Ecto-1 — that Ryan Scott Miller built for his son Jeremy. Ah-mazing!

Credit: RyanSMiller/Imgur

Jeremy has spina bifida, which requires him to use a wheelchair, so his dad made sure to create a costume Jeremy could wheel around in. (Did your heart just melt like ours did?!)

We just have to say it now: Jeremy, you have the Best. Dad. Ever.

Here’s Jeremy all strapped in and ready to go!

Credit: RyanSMiller/Imgur

As you can see from the pictures, the Ecto-1 that Ryan built is complete with everything from yellow and green canisters on the roof rack to a ladder. And there’s more!

Ryan decided to make the Ecto-1 this year after having his friends vote, he said. We would have voted for it, too.

This gives a whole new meaning to “Who you gonna call?” — riiiight?! In terms of creative costumes fit for wheelchairs, Ryan would be our first choice to make them.

Btw, if you’re wondering if this is the same dad who made his son a Star Wars Rebel Alliance fighter costume last year, by building a virtual Snowspeeder around his wheelchair, the answer is yes.


And the year before that, Ryan magically turned Jeremy’s wheelchair into Captain America’s motorcycle.

Okay, I think what we said before is unanimous: Best. Dad. Ever.

Jeremy gives the costume a thumbs-up, and we certainly give it a ~huge~ thumbs-up, too.

Credit: RyanSMiller/Imgur

You can see Jeremy and his Ecto-1 in action here.