Lilian Min
Updated Feb 27, 2017 @ 5:24 pm

Most young adults make the journey to IKEA at least once in their lives. There’s a certain charm to their no-nonsense furniture, and the price is right. So it’s not a surprise that most first “adult” apartments look pretty similar. IKEA is a staple of budget furniture needs, but what are the staple IKEA pieces?

Apartment Therapy asked IKEA about their best-selling items, and some of them are legit surprising.

The Poang chair, Kallax stacking units, Lack tables, and Billy shelves all appear on the list. That all checks out, as these are simple staple items.

^ The Poang and the Lack appear together, because they go so well together.

Some of the items are more “sophisticated,” and they seem like regular IKEA furniture leveled up. These include the Ribba picture frames, the Ektorp sofas, and the Malm bed frame.

And then there are some items I never would’ve thought top IKEA’s sales list.

The Docksta table, Stockholm rug, and Rens throw are all super stylish. But, I haven’t seen them in my own friends’ homes nearly as often as the others. Maybe IKEA is secretly pushing these items onto buyers through this list? (Just kidding, the Rens looks extremely soft, so I get it.)

That seems like a purrfect list indeed, though I didn’t expect all of these picks. The next time you’re at IKEA, keep an eye out for these apparent fan favorites.