Eliza Gold
Updated March 27, 2016

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s possible it also gave him some master carpentry skills.

This past week, a major snowstorm hit Denver, Colorado. The blizzardy weather conditions brought in more than a foot of snow, resulting in historically huge power outages, canceled plans, serious traffic delays, and unacceptably late Postmates deliveries.

However, a certain cat named Boots did not let this unforeseen snowfall slow him down a single bit. Boots had plans, and, like many kitty plans, all his owner needed to do was open the front door.

Boots saw the snow build up outside his house and he stood ready. As soon as the door opened- revealing a mountain of snow packed tight against the entrance, he sprang to work like he was a contestant in a barn-raising contest.

MGM Studios

Basically identical strategy, right?

Paw by paw, Boots speedily dug a hole through the dense white wall of snow until he made himself a small igloo. He didn’t know why he needed to do it, but perhaps he was compelled by nature, by manifest destiny, by hoping there were tasty mousies frozen into popsicles just over the threshold.

While it is unclear where Boots was trying to go or why he needed to build an igloo, the resulting video, captured by Boots’ owner Adam Stevens, is pretty freaking adorable. Naturally, as befits a cat with Boots’ ambition, it’s gone viral in no time, propelling Boots to fame, if not fortune, unless HGTV comes calling about the first ever cat-run home design program (there would be a lot of cat trees. A lot!)

Stevens, a photojournalist at KMGH-TV even started a Facebook page dedicated to honoring Boots’ impressive abilities. One thing is certainly clear, Boots could make a pretty penny in salmon snacks by hiring himself out as a snow-shoveler during the next blizzard.

Check out the video below.