Sammy Nickalls
January 20, 2016 2:41 pm

Humans of New York is an inspirational, aww-worthy, and tear-inducing project that was helmed by photographer Brandon Stanton in 2010 —and followed by countless human beings from all over the world.  But most recently (as in, yesterday), the comment section of a recent HoNY Facebook post has caught the attention of many —their opinion and thoughts very much divided. And it’s all over… a pair of two teens madly in love.

The caption was short and simple: “We’ve been together for ten months now so we’re trying to keep the passion alive.”

Ah, young love is the sweetest. Yes, of course 10 months isn’t the longest time, but we all remember our very first relationship, and each month felt like a huge landmark. But some commenters seemed to miss this entirely and started projecting their views on the point, even making fun of the teens.

“[Y]ou’re in trouble if after 10 months you’re already trying to keep the passion alive,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s hard to keep the passion alive after all those days together!” another wrote.

However, the comment with by far the most likes (almost 100,000!) was written by Brandon Stanton himself. “Not sure why the comment section is trying to force an adult perspective of relationships on two high schoolers,” Brandon commented from the Humans of New York‘s Facebook account. “Let them be sixteen. Ten months is 8 percent of their lives.”

Stanton doesn’t often comment on his own posts. As one commenter succinctly put it, “You know when Brandon has to say something, it’s gotten ridiculous.”

And we certainly hope he dropped the mic, because he’s 100 percent right. No one should ever judge or belittle the emotions or perspectives of teens, because we all have been beginners in the love game once, and 10 months is a massive amount of time when you’re only a teen (it’s even a long time for ME, and I’m in my twenties. It’s all about perspective, remember).

Other commenters agreed with Brandon’s perspective, with one writing, “At least they have the understanding that passion dies after a while and they’re making the effort to keep it alive. It’s something people married for years forget to do. Good for them.”

TBH, judging anyone’s love is ridiculous, so kudos to Brandon for setting things right — and we certainly hope those two lovebirds keep the passion alive.

(Image via Facebook/Humans of New York)