This Scary Accurate Personality Test Will Tell You Your Energetic DNA

There are five personality types in Human Design. Which one are you?

When a friend of mine recently mentioned that she was studying Human Design, my immediate response was: “You mean how the body is designed?” I wasn’t sure if she meant from a biological standpoint or something else. But when she explained the personality system in detail—that it’s a tool to help open a pathway to human understanding—I was eager to learn more.

According to Cory A. Rusin, a transformational coach and doctoral-level purpose-in-life researcher who uses the Human Design System in their own business to help clients, “Human Design is the roadmap to who your soul chose to be in this life. [The concept] sheds light on your psychological, emotional, and energetic makeup and offers you a tool to create self-awareness around how you can step into your highest potential.” 

At its core, Human Design is discovering what makes you, well, you. It’s a system that brings together the principles of I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, astrology, and quantum physics. And you can discover your Human Design chart by plugging in your birth date, time, and place into a free chart generator. Once you discover your Human Design type—Generators (which includes Manifesting Generators), Manifestors, Projectors, or Reflectors—you’ll get a closer look at what separates you from others and what it is about others that separate them from you.

If this sounds intriguing, put in your birthday information in the Human Design generator and scroll below to find out what your personality type means.

What are the different Human Design types?


As Rusin explains, these are the initiators of the world. “They are the ones who get things started and catalyze others into action, but they don’t necessarily have the sustained energy to keep what they started going on their own,” says Rusin. This means they may not have the energy to sustain a traditional nine-to-five job due to their closed, repelling auras. But if they learn to communicate with others by informing them where they’re headed with their plans, they can make an impact and reduce the resistance they may feel, especially in the workplace. “They can clear the path and attract the right individuals to help them keep the idea moving forward,” says Rusin.


As the word suggests, Generators are the “energetic bunnies” of the world, explains Rusin, making them the essence of the human life force, aka the builders.

“When they are doing something they love, they have sustained energy to bring their vision into reality,” says Rusin. “But they have to make sure they don’t buy into the ‘just do it’ mindset.” Generators are meant to wait, react, and respond—as opposed to jumping the gun and chasing other things that aren’t meant for them—due to their open auras and sacral centers. They do this by listening to their gut and waiting for the go ahead. “When their gut says ‘yes’ to an idea, energy, invitation, etc., [then] all their energy can be put towards that YES,” says Rusin.

Manifesting Generators

Because Manifesting Generators are included in Generators, Rusin says they’re similar to their personality type. “Manifesting Generators have sustained energy for their pursuits and need to follow the three stages of wait, react, respond,” says Rusin. “However, they’re the multi-passionate folks of the world with energy for everything they get their hands into.” In other words, manifesting generators are not meant to have just one thing as their focus.

human design personality type


Again, as the name suggests, Reflectors are our mirrors in the world, meaning they reflect, absorb, and magnify the energy of the other types of personalities. This ability to reflect and absorb makes them understand those around them on a deeper level.

“They are curators of others’ energy, picking and choosing who and what they surround themselves with and acknowledging what they need in a given situation,” says Rusin. “Their role in the collective is to begin to deeply understand emotions, to recognize the energies and feelings that flow through them, and to share that wisdom to their community.”

Rusin is quick to point out that because Reflectors are so deeply sensitive to others, healthy boundaries are absolutely necessary. Without boundaries, they can get swept up in others’ emotions, losing track of their true selves.


Projectors are the guides in humanity, giving others direction and paths to follow. “Projectors have an uncanny ability to take in the energy of others and provide them a roadmap to where they want to go,” says Rusin. “They are able to harness the individual strengths of other energies to make things happen—but only if they are invited into the situation.”

As Rusin explains, Human Design is “honestly a huge rabbit hole,” and this is just the surface of what lies beneath these personalities. And when you understand where you fall on the spectrum of Human Design, you not only will have a better idea of where you’re heading but also how you can positively impact those around you.