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houseplant appreciation day
Credit: HelloGiggles/The Sill

Today, January 10th, is Houseplant Appreciation Day. It’s the perfect day to add some greenery to your space and bring home a new houseplant. If you need more persuading, there are countless benefits to having houseplants. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality and regulating humidity levels. They also make your home look nice, which can lead to better productivity and more overall happiness.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: You’ve tried to keep plants before, but you always accidentally kill them. Well, today is the perfect day to try again. The houseplants on this list are low-maintenance and great for beginners. With a little bit of research, once you know how much light and water your houseplants need, you’ll be a proud plant mom in no time.

Exercise your green thumb and bring home these adorable plants on Houseplant Appreciation Day.

1Hedgehog Aloe

You only have to water it once every two to three weeks. Easy peasy.


As long as you give it plenty of sunlight, this rosette-shaped succulent will be the most low-maintenance plant you ever own.

3Silver Satin Pothos

How cute are those heart-shaped leaves?

4Peperomia Ginny

Short, squat, and simply splendid to look at.

5Snake Plant

Snake plants look intimidating, but they’re super adaptable and easy to take care of.

6ZZ Plant

Question: How great would this plant look in your living room? Answer: Extremely.

7Red Prayer Plant

We love the playful pop of red on these two-toned leaves.

8Spider Plant

Its cascading leaves grow quickly and make a lovely statement.

9Philodendron Silver

We’re not saying that you should buy this houseplant to enhance the backgrounds of your Instagram pics. But we’re not not saying it, either.

10Pilea Peperomioides

This quirky little houseplant is just what your desk or cubicle needs.

11Bird’s Nest Fern

Its crinkly leaves give us serious tropical island vibes.

12Ponytail Palm

We’ve never seen a plant quite like this one, but now we don’t think we’ll ever stop thinking about it.

13Burgundy Rubber Tree

It’s so satisfying to watch rubber trees grow and grow.


The hardest part will be deciding where to put this beauty, aka the “Swiss cheese plant.”