Jill Layton
January 28, 2015 11:49 am

Staying in a hotel is usually pretty fun. There’s a pool, room service, unlimited soap, and shower caps, a king size bed, a mini bar, a regular size bar and a teeny tiny gym that you vow never to step foot in, because you’re on vacation. But the best part of staying in a hotel? The concierge. At least for one lucky and hilarious lady.

While on a business trip, Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz stayed at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. After checking in, she received an email from the hotel letting her know that the staff could help her with “anything, anytime.” Since her business trip wasn’t terribly exciting, Grzywacz decided to make her own excitement by taking the hotel up on their generous offer — and she is now one of our favorite people in hotel-staying history.

Grzywacz called down to the concierge requesting a framed photograph of Nicolas Cage, because obviously a framed picture of Nicolas Cage would make anyone’s stay more enjoyable. The hotel’s concierge, Ramon told her that it would be his pleasure to assist in this serious matter. So, when Grzywacz returned to her hotel room, she found, yes, a framed photograph of Mr. Nicolas Cage. Points for Ramon.

But one framed photo of Nicolas Cage is never enough, so Grzywacz requested another one, this time as he appeared in Moonstruck, along with some bath towels. She absolutely needed these things by 6p.m., but Ramon was a little late in his delivery. Naturally, Nick sent his apologies.

Grzywacz wasn’t done, though. She REALLY needed one more picture of Nicolas Cage, which is totally understandable, and was clearly feeling like Ramon could handle one more request. So, she asked for another photo, but this time in 8MM. While most concierge’s would be annoyed by now, Ramon replied, “Good choice.” He had the image taped to the TV shortly after.

As anyone who requests framed pictures of Nicolas Cage would do, Grzywacz posted them to social media. The images on her Imgur account were quickly shared by tons of people who love humor and, apparently, Nicolas Cage. Both Grzywacz and the hotel insist this wasn’t a publicity stunt, but purely someone who was “bored at work with someone else who was bored at work.”

If we’ve learned anything from this story, it’s that really amazing things can happen when two people are bored together. Also, Nicolas Cage makes people happy. Also, Ramon at Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk deserves a huge raise!

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