Anna Gragert
August 08, 2016 5:28 pm
Warner Bros.

Back in 2000, the world was given the gift that is the movie What a Girl Wants. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a quick summary: The film stars Amanda Bynes as an American teen named Daphne Reynolds, who finds out that her dad is a wealthy British politician (Colin Firth) and travels to England to meet him. However, the young woman soon realizes she could start a scandal that might cost her dad his chance at winning a life-changing election, and that’s when things get dicey.

Most importantly, after arriving in England, Daphne meets a gorgeous, guitar-playing musician named Ian Wallace:

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The above actor is Oliver James, who’s now 36 years old – but was only 20 when What a Girl Wants was filmed. You may also recognize him from the movie Raise Your Voice, starring Hilary Duff.

Just look at this spikey-haired, frosted-tipped angel:

New Line Cinema

Okay, now for the best part. This is what Oliver looks like today:

A side-by-side we will never regret creating: 

Warner Bros. - Oliver James/Twitter

According to his Twitter bio, Oliver is an “actor, writer, musician and thinker of things.” Though he has Facebook and YouTube pages for his music career, the last video Oliver posted is currently three years old. He also hasn’t acted since 2012, which is super sad because we definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing his face all over our TV screens.

Now, here’s one more for the road: