Kids today, man. They’re so obsessed with their iPhones and their Twitter and their Interwebz that they just can’t be bothered to appreciate a masterful work of art when it’s sitting right in front of them. At least, that’s the idea behind this photo that’s been making its way ’round the web, featuring a group of kids on—presumably—a class trip, ignoring a Rembrandt in favor of their screens. So we had to ask ourselves, is old art just really boring? We did our research and we came to two conclusions. One: Some old art is, in fact, really, really boring. Two: Some old art-as features some totally kewt dudes who we totally would have crushed on if we lived way back in the 17th century, or whatever.

We’ve rounded up some of the dreamiest dudes, for your viewing pleasure. [Ed note: We fully acknowledge that this is a silly, nay, utterly ridiculous exercise. But you know what? Whatever.]

Never could resist a man in uniform. Prince Leopold of Belgium? More like Prince Leop-Hold us up, we just swooned all over our desks.

Those are some come-loosen-up-my-lacy-collar eyes if we ever saw them.

What up, hipster beard with the hazel eyes.

Totally the artsy band guy type, but in Mozart times.

The old pretending-to-be-asleep-with-a-loin-cloth-but-really-just-showing-off-your-abs move. Oldest trick in the book.