Helping out a person in need may only take minutes out of your day, but it can go so, so far. That’s what we’ve learned after an anonymous stranger left a note on a new mom’s car in the hospital parking lot.

After spending a few days at the hospital with her sick nine-week-old baby, one mom walked to her car to home —only to discover she had been issued a parking ticket by the hospital (for now, it’s unclear why). But when she went to examine the ticket, she discovered something incredible. The ticket had been entirely paid for by a woman named Laura (whose full name is not currently known).

The mom, completely and utterly surprised by the random act of kindness, reached out to Canberra Mums, a site “set up to connect expecting, new, and experienced mums in a space which is non-judgmental and offers support,” and shared this amazing story. And on Canberra’s Facebook page, she posted “Over the past few days I have been in hospital with my [nine-week-old] son. We were discharged today. . . as I walked to my car I noticed that I had a parking ticket. After those days in [the] hospital, a parking ticket was one more thing that I didn’t need.”

She recounted, “To my surprise, when I opened the envelope there was a note from a lovely lady named Laura.”

Along with paying for the parking ticket, Laura also wrote the woman a compassionate note that is filling our hearts with so much joy. On a bright pink piece of paper, Laura wrote: “I saw your car had a parking ticket, I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you. . . Hope things get better.”

“I hope that Laura sees this and knows how much I appreciate her support,” the woman wrote in her post. “Thank you so much.”

The photograph was posted yesterday and has since gone viral, being shared over 5,500 times and liked almost 55,000 times to date. “What a lovely lady Laura must be,” one commenter wrote. “Her random act of kindness helped this lady when she obviously needed it.”

“This has made my Monday,” another commenter wrote. “Way to go Laura! I hope so much [positivity] comes your way.”

It’s so wonderful to be reminded that even though we may not know everyone on this planet, we are all human, and we all struggle — but we can all be there for each other in a time of need. Thank you to the mysterious Laura for your random act of kindness towards this new mother who was truly in need of it; we have a feeling some majorly good karma is coming your way.

All images via Facebook