You may think you’ve seen it all in the “adorable animals being adorable” corner of the Internet: enough cats sleeping on vegetables, enough dogs thinking they’re people, but what I’m about to share with you, you cannot prepare for. Are you ready? OK.

Here is a baby goat hopping around in a kitchen. Just that, nothing more. The squeaks that are about to come out of your mouth will surprise you.

In this YouTube video from Jennifer Pratzer, who’s lucky enough to call this peppy little pygmy goat her super cute home pet, all they’re doing is enjoying an afternoon hop around the kitchen. Watch as this little dude struggles to keep up with Mother Jen, stumbling over his own clumsy hooves and diving into the air with a carelessness one can only have if one is in fact, a pygmy goat.

Sometimes the Internet knows that even though you just had an extended holiday weekend, Tuesday’s feeling like Monday times four. Sometimes YouTube picks you up when you’re down in a post-lunch coma, and nothing — not even an added shot from Starbucks — can save you from the inevitable nap time. That’s when the jumping pygmy goats in a kitchen videos come in. They’re here when you need them.

Now, if you’ll need me I’ll be replaying this same video on a loop ’till it’s Happy Hour. I advise you to do the same.

(Image from iStock, video from YouTube)