Credit: ABC

Even though Nashville fans are still mourning this week’s news that the country music drama has been canceled, there is a new glimmer of hope on the horizon that it might only be temporary.

ABC announced on Thursday, that they were pulling the plug on the show after the final two episodes of its fourth season, but, thanks to the trend of shows with loyal fanbases finding homes elsewhere, there remains the possibility that Nashville could find new life on other networks.

Callie Khouri, Nashville’s head writer and showrunner, doesn’t offer much info in her heartfelt tweet about the surprise decision to end the show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate wildly be filled with optimism and hope. false

The show has been gaining viewers this season, and the sudden cancellation came as a shock to fans and industry folks, alike, so it’s really good news that the production company is shopping it around to other networks, with the hopes that one will be interested in producing new episodes.

Actor Ed Amatrudo, who plays Juliette’s on again, off again manager, Glen, is taking to social media to stir up a little hope for Nashville’s future. false

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu already owns the rights to show prior seasons, so maybe the streaming service will give the country drama the same treatment as The Mindy Project.

Shopping the canceled series is the natural next step, says, THR, especially when they have already lined up new writers for the show for season five, and planned to end season four with a major cliffhanger.

For a show as beloved as Nashville, and with such a faithful audience, it seems a shame to just let it go without a proper goodbye. Maybe Hulu or CMT, or any other network, for that matter can give it the fifth season we all want.