Sammy Nickalls
April 14, 2016 8:00 am

We’ve all heard about Tinder nightmares, but this guy’s text rant when a woman declined to go home after a date is one for the history books. Or, rather, the Hall of Shame. Arielle Musa met a guy named Endri on Tinder and went on a date with him to a bar near Rutgers University in New Jersey. However, when she didn’t want to go home and hook up with him — perfectly understandable — he turned out to be not so polite indeed.

“He seemed normal and trying to be respectful,” she told the UK’s Metro. “Trying to compliment me, had normal conversation about ourselves.” But Arielle wasn’t really feeling it. “I felt creeped out by him and his personality and the way he looked at me,” she said.

So, she decided to call it a night . . . and Endri pitched an absolute fit in a text rant that is completely BONKERS. Now, a text conversation between the two of them is going viral after Arielle took screenshots and sent them to her friend Tamara, who tweeted them on Tuesday.

First, Endri complained about how he wanted to hook up with her, and that it “sucks.” When Arielle apologized, he responded that she “seems like a girl that seeks pleasure,” to which she responded, “It’s my decision.”


From there, Endri became cruel and venomous, telling Arielle to “enjoy your youth because once you get used up nobody will want you and you will be alone forever” and used a racial slur. Arielle stood her ground, which just made Endri even more furious. He started listing off everything he paid for on their date, as if Arielle was obligated to repay him with sex.


Then, this guy tried another tactic, by making it sound as though he’s a “quality guy” that would never want a “type of girl” like her for a relationship. Yet again, Arielle made it obvious that she would not sink to his level and remained on (much, much, MUCH) higher ground.


Wow. That was something else. We are totally repulsed by this behavior, but it’s obvious that he will never deserve someone as awesome and badass as Arielle, whom we give props to for remaining true to herself in the face of sexist insults. You rock, Arielle. As for Endri? Well, sorry, fam.