When it comes to Saved by the Bell, there’s not many other objects that symbolize the wild and crazy antics of Zack Morris and friends than his iconic cell phone. That giant white brick was a thing of wonder. Sometimes Zack would use it to order pizza, but he mostly used it for hijinks and to make prank calls.

It’s pretty funny to think about. Nowadays, our smartphones are like second nature. Most of us feel completely naked if we don’t have them with us. But in the ‘90s, Zack’s gigantic phone was out of the ordinary. Not everyone had one. In fact, most people were barely getting pagers. Pagers!

Pay tribute to Zack Morris’s gargantuan phone with this necklace from Han Cholo. Available in gold or silver, the little pendant is the perfect ode to Bayside High. Just don’t let Mr. Belding catch you with it or he’ll send you to detention!

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Product Shots via Han Cholo, Featured image via NBC