Marie Lodi
August 28, 2015 8:29 am

Looking for a new purse? Don’t even think about getting a messenger bag. Keep walking straight past those satchels. Roll your eyes at any bucket bags that falls within your vicinity. It’s time we try something new. Novelty bags, especially the kind that come in some kind of wild and whimsical shape, are a unique way to carry your belongings around. Plus, accessorizing with a crazy bag can easily spice up an otherwise tame outfit! As someone with her own novelty purse collection, I’m all for it!

What’s even better is when you find a bag in a shape that you’ve never seen before. Rommydebommy, a designer-slash-fashion-blogger from the Netherlands, creates bags in the most amazing and imaginative styles I’ve ever seen. One design that caught my attention was a clutch bag that looked exactly like cotton candy a.k.a. candy floss! It looks SO real, I can’t believe it’s a purse. Some people try to avoid sugar these days for whatever reason. Hmm, health? IDK. But even if you gave up desserts for the rest of your life, you’d be able to play it safe with a sweet treat like this!

And it comes in a matching necklace, too!

Cotton Candy clutch, $69.16

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(Product shots via Etsy.)