Gina Vaynshteyn
May 04, 2016 10:47 am

Back in April, Buzzfeed reported that the latest, most ~fresh~ of trends is wearing your shirt backwards. Like, on purpose. This style originated in Mumbai, where the fashion world apparently cannot get enough of backward button-ups.

See? It actually looks really cute.

But is this a look that can be pulled off whenever, wherever? Can I wear my shirt backwards to work without any of my coworkers batting an eye? I decided to give it a go, and wore one of my favorite button-ups I usually layer under a sweater or pair with a high-waisted skirt. It’s an orange-red number I bought from H&M for sale like six years ago, and I’ve worn it to work a billion times.

Five hours into work, and the only comments I got about my outfit is that I looked “especially fancy,” and someone else wondered if I got a “fun new shirt.” I also had a meeting with my boss that day, and during that meeting I slyly told her I was experimenting with this new backwards shirt trend. Her reaction? She told me she had no idea I was doing that today! Does this mean I succeeded in casually wearing my shirt backwards? I think YES.



Weirdly enough, I got more compliments on my outfit than usual, and I actually liked the high-collar/turtleneck look I got when wearing this button-up backwards. Once I told everyone I was wearing my top backwards, everyone seemed really surprised. One co-worker walked behind me and said the look really accentuated my back tattoo, but if I hadn’t told her, she would have no idea the buttons that were supposed to be on my front were actually on my back. Does this mean no one really looks at my back? To be fair, I DO sit in a chair all day.

Even if purposely wearing your top backwards isn’t your *thing*, it IS a pretty awesome fashion hack if you ever have to cover up a stain, or make it look like you’re wearing a completely different outfit on the fly. All the thumbs up!