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This week, Refinery29 spent a day in the L.A. headquarters of cosmetic company ColourPop. They’ve been sharing the details of the visit on their site, including a really in-depth look at how the company makes its beloved lipstick. Fans of ColourPop, and cosmetics in general, will likely be interested in all of it, but the one piece from this series we’ve found completely engrossing is the video of how the brand’s eye shadow is made.

The eye shadow being created in the video is the cheekily named Nillionaire — a reference to looking like a million bucks even if you’ve got significantly less in the bank — which consists of gold and bronze pigments combined with a pearlescent shimmer. The best-selling color was actually a limited edition part of last year’s summer collection, but earned a number of dedicated fans and is now a part of the company’s year-round offerings.

ColourPop emerged on the cosmetics scene two years ago with 31 shades of eye shadow; though, according to the company’s lead cosmetic chemist, the eye shadow formula took nearly a year of dedicated work prior to that to perfect. Fans of these shadows laud the texture and brilliant pigments; budget-conscious cosmetics-wearers also love the reasonable, $5 price.

The video is somewhat reminiscent of a behind-the-scenes look at how edible confections are made, between the delicious shimmer and the way the pigments and base are mixed together. The concoction is then scooped up and pressed into containers like a sweet treat. Just remember while you watch the video, mesmerized, that ColourPop’s vibrant creations go on your face, not in them.