Olivia Harvey
August 02, 2017 7:50 am

This is seriously scary for those of us who love our scented candles. A Texas woman, Ashley Brawley, experienced first and second-degree burns after attempting to blow out a candle in her home.

Ashley had lit a vanilla-scented three-wick Bath & Body Works candle and left it burning for just over three hours. When she got out of the shower, she smelled something burning. The Brawley family’s security camera captured Ashley attempting to blow out the candle that was then burning a six inch flame.

But blowing on the candle caused hot wax and a small fire ball to engulf her face, leaving her with serious burns.

(Note: The below video is scary!)

Brawley’s husband, Cody, took the candle outside and tried extinguishing it with a hose. The water only sent the flame higher, almost licking the house’s gutters. The glass jar finally shattered and he was able to put out the fire.

Inside the house, Ashley attempted to calm her reddish-purple face and white lips with cool water and aloe vera. But the Brawleys ultimately decided to head to the emergency room where Ashely was diagnosed with first and second-degree burns.

When she reached out to Bath & Body Works, the company offered to pay her medical bills and sent her a $25 gift card.

Tammy Roberts Myers, vice president of communications at Bath & Body Works parent company, L Brands, released a statement noting, “Our offer of reimbursement for the cost of the product is in no way meant to be compensation for her experience.”

To avoid a grease fire-like event from your Bath & Body Works candle, follow the company’s instructions for burning. Do not burn candles for more than three to four hours, keep wicks trimmed to a 1/4 inch before lighting, and don’t extinguish flames with water.

We’re sending good thoughts to Ashely and the Brawley family, and trimming our candle wicks ASAP!