Definitive proof that winter weddings are the best

Spring and summer might be the preferred seasons for weddings, but there’s something to be said for winter nuptials. When done right, the results are pure magic…

First of all, a bit of snow turns photo opportunities into cinematic visions.

See what we mean?

And surprisingly, a barren winter landscape can also look dreamy.

Really, there is something to say for a background that draws more attention to the subjects of the photo.

Outdoor weddings are TOTALLY doable in colder months. And they can be breathtaking.

Branches become the perfect (and cost-effective) wintertide decor.

But let’s talk dresses for a minute. ‘Tis the season for the long-sleeved gown!

Seriously. How amazing does this sleeve length look?

Not to mention, the cold weather gives you some sweet accessorizing opportunities. Bundle up, bride!

If you’ve had your heart set on sequins, holiday months are the best time to sport them.

There’s actually a ton of beautiful floral and greenery in season during this time, making for unique hairpieces and bouquets…

As well as table settings.

If you’re not convinced by now, these adorable pine-topped cakes should help.

This sparkly holly cake has us swooning.

And, here’s one huge winter wedding bonus: Schedule your festivities for New Year’s Eve. It’s a built-in party for all your friends, and every anniversary also becomes a welcoming to the New Year.

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