Marie Lodi
April 07, 2015 2:32 pm

One fateful evening, I made the mistake of staying over a friend’s house after guzzling down an energy drink and watching two back-to-back horror movies. One of them was The Descent, which, if you are as claustrophobic as I am, is NOT the kind of thing to watch before bedtime. I love me some horror, but I always have to put on Clueless or something afterwards to “wash” my mind from the scariness. Just last night I watched one and had to put on the Dave Chappelle show afterwards. I’m just too gentle. Hug me. I’ve since learned that there are a couple of simple antidotes that can help me drift off to slumber fairly quickly. One of them is earplugs (after I got over the fear of sticking them in my ear) and the other is sleep masks.

With this line of crazy adorable animal-themed eye masks, I can now feel extra safe from horror movie monsters or insomnia. I mean look at this upside-down bat one! SO CUTE!

Even more precious? The designers call them FACE BLANKETS. I really cannot deal with the cuteness, you guys. Whether you’re spending the night in unfamiliar territory and need a sleep aid or just want to look like the cutest thing ever while catching your forty winks, these masks are a must.

Animal eye masks, $27.47