White temporary tattoos will make you feel like Elsa in the best way

Does anyone else feel a bit warm? It’s November, but the weather hasn’t gotten the memo that the holiday season is fast approaching and temperatures should be dropping. I’m not complaining about the warmth – I love wearing sandals to shop for Thanksgiving ingredients – but there’s something magical about that first snowfall that I’m always impatient to see.

Luckily, there’s a new temporary tattoo on the market that enables you to shine with that first snowfall glow. The white temp-tats come in gorgeous, delicate wintery designs: complicated little snowflakes, slender icicles, and perfect frosty dots. Each tat was hand-drawn by YouTuber and L.A.-based jewelry maker, Kate Albrecht, also known as Mr. Kate.

They look other-worldly, especially when applied to the neck and around the eyes – places where it would really hurt to get a permanent tattoo.

Feast your eyes:

In the tattoo’s lookbook video, the model wears the white dots in the shape of a tiara. Very cool.

Giving major Elsa vibes!

Channel your inner ice queen or go for a pilgrim chic look, like this model:

This washable “ink” is part of the Beauty Mark “New Makeup” line, which also includes metallic temporary freckles. They are like sparkly confetti for your face.

Two sheets of tats are only $12, with free shipping in ‘Murica. Those two sheets could go really far if you only use a few designs at a time, or you could use all of them at once and boycott showers for a few weeks. If people tell you that daily bathing is a societal requirement, you can simply tell them … to let it go.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

(Image via Disney and Giphy.)

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