Anna Gragert
April 04, 2016 3:37 pm
Mario Dedivanovic /

Just when we thought the world of beauty couldn’t get any more complicated, we learn that something called “sandbagging” exists. It sounds complex, doesn’t it? Double sigh.

Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever had your makeup run. (We’re just going to assume that a lot of hands are being raised right now.) I mean, is there anything worse than makeup that doesn’t stay put? You spend a ton of time getting your makeup artist on and then, just like that, all your hard work is ruined. Suddenly, that fancy product you bought at Sephora on Treat Yo’ Self Tuesday just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

Yet, have no fear! Sandbagging is here! (<– Something we never thought we’d be saying.)

Sandbagging essentially uses the concept of sandbags and applies it to makeup artistry. Since sandbags are put down to prevent flooding, the same thing can be said of sandbagging: It prevents all your creative handiwork from running and/or smudging.

BuzzFeed reveals that this technique was developed by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, and it helps to keep her makeup #flawless. All you have to do is apply your base as you normally would. Then, after this step in complete, you use a makeup sponge to place a ton of loose powder under your waterline and around your mouth. (And when we say a ton, we mean A TON.)

Once you can see a visible line of powder on these areas, then proceed with the rest of your makeup routine, leaving the powder exactly where it is. Finally, brush off the excess powder when you’re done!

What the powder does is absorb any excess oils that threaten your makeup’s staying power. “It stops eyeshadow, kohl pencils and mascara from smearing onto the lower lash line. This will includes lower mascara too!” explains makeup artist Wayne Goss. “Its really very similar to ‘baking’ but with this technique you are going right to the lower lash line. As far up as you can go. Then allow it to sit for a while, then brush off. NOTHING will smear, smudge or move again! Promise!”

So… does this mean we need to start ordering loose powder in bulk?