Scarlet Meyer
September 18, 2016 1:27 pm

If you’re getting married in the near future, get excited! We’ve just compiled a list of totally cute and affordable reception dresses that are all under $200! Flip through these and find an adorable dress you can dance in that won’t break the bank!

1. Feather Ruth and Fit & Flare Dress, French Connection 

Check out this cool and cute dress from French Connection, available on the Nordstrom site! It’s simple, while still being elegant, and has a great flare in the skirt as well as a really adorable neckline. Snag it for only $168!

2. Zoe Sequin V-Neck Body-Con Dress, via Nordstrom

This adorable v-neck dress is not only affordable, but totally covered in sequins! What’s not to love? It is also a body con, so it will totally show off your curves while still being totally comfortable and danceable. Grab it for $198 on the Nordstrom site!

3. Aisle Be There Wedding Dress in Ivory, via Modcloth

Check out this beautiful silk reception dress from Modcloth! It’s silk and in a totally flattering retro cut that will make anyone feel totally bridal and fabulous. And, because Modcloth offers free shipping on items over $75, it will ship for free! Snag it for only $175!

4. Gilded Grace Wedding Dress in Blush, via Modcloth

Also from Modcloth, check out this adorable long sleeved lace dress! It’s super frilly and perfect for twirling around at your reception! All the detailing is super pretty, and the skirt has a gorgeous hemline. Grab it with free shipping for only $175!

5. Bethany Lace Dress, via Ruche

Take a look at this ultra cute and ultra affordable lace dress from Ruche! This beautiful but simple sheath dress is only $44! We can’t even believe this is a thing, get it while you can!

6. Illusion Lace Sheath Dress via Macy’s

And finally check out this amazing sheath dress from Macy’s! It’s super lacy with a slip underneath, leaving a great sheer neckline with beautiful detailing! Also, there’s currently a 25% discount on it, so while this dress is normally $179, you can get it in the next 12 hours for only $134.25!

And there you have it! Six totally cute and totally affordable dresses that are perfect for any reception. See you at the altar!