Marie Lodi
July 13, 2016 9:31 pm

We are in the midst of summertime — pool parties are everywhere we look, iced coffee is getting chosen over hot, and nothing sounds better than a weekend of decadence and leisure. The one company that truly understands our gigantor crush on the summer season is Ban.Do. Their “Outdoor Fun” collection is filled with adorable pool floaties, unbelievably stylish sunglasses, fruit-shaped drink tumblers, and a variety of travel bags that will make you want to plan a road trip adventure with your BFFs.

Take a look at 11 of our favorites from Ban.Do’s collection then lurk the entire line here. Be warned: You just might have the urge to grab a swimsuit and head to a pool immediately afterwards.

1. This “I Heart Pina Coladas” ring

Grab it here for $58.

2. This “Hot Tub Club” tee

Get it here for $30.

3. This fun pin

Find it here for $10.

4.This mermaid swimsuit ’cause, duh.

Snag it here for $99.

5. This wacky watermelon tumbler

Get it here for $8.

6. These sweet cateye sunnies

Find ’em here for $40.

7. This pineapple float

Pick it up here for $60.

8. These fierce shades

Get them here for $240.

9. This set of drink pool floaties

Snag them here for $12.

10. This disco fanny pack

Get it here for $34.

11. This retro rainbow cooler bag!

Snag it here for $34.