Anna Buckley
May 24, 2017 11:11 am, Anna Buckley/Hellogiggles

You know what we all need more of in our lives? Wallpaper. No, I don’t mean the sticky mess of dated floral prints of your Great Aunt Mary’s time. I mean the modern, easy-to-hang and easy-to-remove, gloriously patterned kind.

If you’re not sold, please just peruse these 13 selections. We’ll make a wallpaper-lover of you yet.

1Willa Wildflower Removable Wallpaper

Not only are we loving the Millennial pink, but the pops of orange and teal really seal the deal.

Buy a 24″w x 48″h panel here for $39.

2Peonies (Persimmon) Pattern 

Is there a more soothing pattern than a peony pattern?

Buy a 30 ft roll here for $190.

3Damask 3D Embossed Wallpaper

Subtle, but oh-so-striking.

Buy here for $0.35/sq ft.

4Lemons Wallpaper

Now this would be a *great* way to make your kitchen more bright and cheery.

Buy 60.75 sq ft here for $39.99.

5Sketched Safari Pattern

Does anyone else think this playful print would be perfect for a child’s room?

Buy 49.5 sq ft here for $118.

6Homestead Wallpaper

Such a serene scene.

Buy 60.75 sq. ft here for $71.98.

7City Toile Pattern

Oh, the places you’ll go (in your head as you stare at this wallpaper)!

Buy a 30ft roll here for $140.

8“Still Life with Flowers”

If you’ve ever wanted to paper your wall in a famous art piece from the Rijksmuseum (in the Netherlands) you’re in luck: The original painting, “Still Life with Flowers,” was created by Coenraet Roepel in 1721.

Buy 48.7 cm wide sheets here for €49.59.

9Tall Grass Wallpaper

Love the sheen of the silver, love the daintiness of the illustrations.

Buy 60.75 sq. ft here for $88.

10Chasing Paper And Kate Zaremba Swansy Pattern 

No murderous ballerinas to see here.

Buy a 24″l x 48″h panel here for $59.

11Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Trees Wallpaper

Nothing says, “Yes, I DO have interior design taste, why thank you” than a Van Gogh patterned wall.

Buy here for $2.63 /sq ft.

12Pineapple Patterened 

Pineapples. Do you need any more convincing than that?

Buy a 30 ft roll here for $190.

13Great Meadow Mural 

No need to go outside when you have a meadow in your own living room.

Buy the whole mural here for $548.

Happy plastering!