Marie Lodi
February 23, 2016 4:29 pm

Barbershapp, an app that connects barbers and their customers, released a video of a new haircut on their Facebook page. They described it as “quirky, stylish and smooth.” And really, “quirky” is just a nice way of describing what you’re about to see.

At first, it appears as though the woman in the clip is going to get bangs, but the hairstylist immediately starts cutting deep into the woman’s crown forming scalloped edges.

Your visceral reaction might be to scream, cover your eyes and shut your laptop. This is how horrifying the woman’s haircut is and it appears she wasn’t too fond of it either. A video posted on another Facebook page shows her getting her head completely shaved afterwards.

Barbershapp asks in the caption, “Is this a new trend in the making?” Most likely, NO. However, there’s actually one person I can see pulling this off and that’s Yolandi Visser from the group Die Antwoord.

Otherwise, embrace the one positive aspect about this ‘do—it will make you feel better about any bad haircuts you experienced in the past.