There’s nothing like biting into the world’s most perfect pickle, especially if you’re one of those people that can’t get enough of fermented veggies. Well, what if I told you there was another way to display your affinity for pickles? What if I told you that you could spend all your nights cuddling with a pillow that’s shaped like your favorite veggie? You can now drift off to slumberland with a boyfriend pillow that looks like a giant three-foot long pickle or a four-foot long carrot. Isn’t life grand?

Handmade with fleece and non-allergenic polyester fibers, these veggie pillows look as soft as clouds. Of course, if you don’t want to freak whoever else might be hanging in your bed with a giant pillow, you can get smaller versions, too. Wouldn’t these rainbow carrot pillows look absolutely adorable on a couch or lounge chair? And don’t freak out like I did at this GREEN OLIVE PILLOW! If fruits are more your thing, there’s a super cute giant strawberry pillow and an adorable pineapple. Your bedroom could look like a cross between the produce aisle and a fun house!

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Product shots via Etsy.