Emily Baines
June 18, 2016 11:03 am

Cat-lovers rejoice! We’ve lined up for your enjoyment 16 of our favorite cat-themed clothing pieces. Now when we have to leave our kitties behind at home we can still share our cat love with the world.

H&M: Cat Jersey Dress ($15)

We want to wear this adorable dress every day of the week.

Persun: Cat High Waist Skater Skirt ($12.99)

More like “Purrrrr-sian,” right?

Forever 21: Cat Face PJ Set ($14.90)

These are sure to make cat-lovers’ dreams come true.


HDE: Cat Pantyhose ($7.99)

Pair these with a cute skirt and shoes for an adorable, frisky feline look.

Modcloth: Claw Enforcement Tee ($29.99)

Are there any cat-lovers who don’t enjoy a good pun?

Modcloth / www.modcloth.com

StopFrost: Black Cat Knit Hat ($18.98)

Show your kitty pride while staying warm!

Modcloth: Looking Dap-Purr Socks ($9.99)

For the more demure cat-lover, these adorable kitty socks can remain hidden under your pants cuff.

Modcloth / www.modcloth.com

Drew Brockington: Cat-Stronauts T-Shirt ($24)

Cats and space — we love them both.

Society 6 / society6.com

Fab: Cat Person T-Shirt ($29)

This minimalist t-shirt still screams “cat person.”

Fab / fab.com[]=search%7Ccat&pos=5

Modcloth: Come Tome To Me Sweatshirt ($49.99)

This sweatshirt combines two of our favorite things: reading and cats (also, warmth)!

Modcloth / www.modcloth.com

Monki: Round Neck Cat Print ($12.94)

It’s true: Cats do just wanna have fun!

Amour: Cat Leggings ($6.48)

We love these funky cat leggings.

Forever 21: Prrr Heathered Hoodie ($11.99)

Stay warm — with cattitude!


Jiye: Cat Flats ($29.89)

These adorable shoes come in black, red, blue, and grey!

H&M: Patterned Blouse ($14.99)

This is the perfect blouse for those long days at the office away from your feline friend.

Scarf Lovers: MEOW Socks ($10.90)

We really dig the way these socks work best as a pair. Even better, these are good for men and women!


So tell us, what kitty-themed couture do you HAVE to have??