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Bra shopping is the worst. As someone who falls on the bustier side of the spectrum, I ask a lot of my lingerie; and it can be tough to find a bra that suits my needs without breaking my bank account. But in recent years, the tides have been changing in our favor, and better options for bra hunting are finally starting to pop up. One company that’s been trying to make shopping for bras a little less awful and a lot more personal is True & Co. — and according to Mic, the retailer is officially taking their e-shop on the road.

Starting in San Francisco on January 12, True & Co. is launching the “National Try-On Truck Tour” across the United States. Over the course of 2016, the store-on-wheels will stop in major cities all over in order to help women finally find a bra that actually fits — and it sounds pretty amazing.

Similar to their system online, visitors to the lingerie truck will begin their fitting by filling out a two-minute questionnaire about bra fit and style. As someone who’s taken the quiz before, it definitely goes way beyond your traditional lingerie inquiries, and delves deep into your biggest underwear woes. This includes where your boobs tend to spill out; how wide your cleavage is; and where your bra tends to feel the most uncomfortable. The system then assigns you a “TrueSpectrum” color, and tells you what bras and brands best suit your shape.

From there, the brand’s “fit therapists” will offer a few recommendations, which shoppers can try on in the truck’s built-in fitting rooms. While it sounds a little cramped, getting such a personalized experience in finding a bra might just make it all worth it.

After all, a good bra is hard to find, and a good bra shopping experience even more unheard of. For women on the go, what better way to shop for one of the most difficult (yet necessary) purchases than via a truck? We can’t wait for it to stop by our city soon.

(Images via True&Co.)