You know how there’s always one “crazy” color in every make-up palette? Maybe it’s a cherry red or a shimmery turquoise, but, no matter how much you love it, that hue always ends up the least touched in the collection, only because you have no idea how to pull it off. Well, whip all of those unused bright shadows out of your make-up bag; their time has finally arrived.

Voila! Instagram’s latest obsession is the tropical eye, and the trend is part sunset, part rainbows – it’s basically Froot Loops on your eyelids. And who doesn’t love Froot Loops?

The best part about the tropical eye is that it’s super easy to make the look your own. Just use whatever bright colors you want and be sure to blend them together to avoid a Halloween-came-early effect. Think of the tropical eye as a Crayola version of a classic smokey eye. To make shadows pop, start with an eye primer or white base and end with a deep black eyeliner.

Check out some of these incredible variations on the tropical eye.

This one should be called “Heart of the Ocean.”

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Can you eye shadow all the colors of the wind? (This talented lady obviously can.)

The tropical eye looks fabulous with a neutral lip …

… Or a unicorn lip.

Who would have thought orange and purple would look so sherberty delicious together?


Celebrity make-up artist Joseph Carrillo​ invented the tropical eye for Zac Posen’s most recent runway show. He spoke to Seventeen about how he achieved the perfect combination of colors. Turns out, the only rule to the tropical eye is that there are no rules. “Try a bright color on your lids and a pop of another color liner in the water line,” he said. Replace black eyeliner with something “botanical” like blue or green – or yellow! Why not? This is the palette he used …

… to create this stunning rainbow eye.

Excuse me while I go dig up some neon pink eye shadow I accidentally bought in college. It’s finally time, neon pink eye shadow. It’s finally time.

(Image via here.)