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When you’re scrolling through Instagram, it’s really easy to get major fashion FOMO. Most fashion bloggers just look so put together, without a single hair out of place and super enviable outfits. However, most of these bloggers are teens or millennials — not toddlers. But one little boy is giving the Internet serious outfit envy.

Oakley Lynch, better known as @myoakleydoakley, has over 20,000 followers, despite having one arm and being only 14 months old. Oakley was born with symbrachydactyly, a rare condition where his right arm failed to properly develop. As such, his arm has not grown below forearm level, and his right hand never developed.

His parents, Victoria and Greg Lynch, were made aware of their son’s condition 16 weeks into Victoria’s pregnancy. A specialist informed them that their son did not have a right hand and that his arm had not fully grown. The parents-to-be were devastated at first, but quickly decided to give their son the best life he could have. They set up an Instagram page when he was just a few months old. “I wanted people [to see] he’s no different from anyone else,” Victoria said in an interview with Barcroft TV. “I think it’s brilliant that it’s spreading the word of limb deficiency or just generally children being different leading normal lives.”

Victoria just started posting the quick snapshots she’d take of Oakley after dressing him. As his following grew, he caught the attention of several fashion brands. Companies from around the world have been sending the family shoes, toys, and clothes — some have even sent shirts that are modified to fit Oakley’s shorter arm.

However, Oakley isn’t letting all this success get to his head. Instagram has helped the family do more than just score free clothes — it’s helped them connect with hundreds of other kids around the world who are dealing with the same condition. Victoria says she thinks it’s because the account doesn’t focus on Oakley’s disability. “I think a lot of people who have children the same as Oakley really appreciate that we’re not always dwelling on the fact that he has one hand, it’s just a normal account of a little boy who happens to have one hand.”

Another thing that his parents noticed is that Oakley has never received any negative comments on his Instagram page. His parents hope that all the support and praise he receives on the social media platform will encourage Oakley in the future. “I think it will be a really good thing for him when he is older,” said Victoria. “If that dreaded day comes when he comes home from nursery or school and says someone has told him that he’s different or weird or strange for not having 2 hands like everybody else.” You can watch the entire interview and see more of Oakley’s cute outfits here.

(Images via Instagram.)