Credit: Instagram / @beanieseagull

Sometimes we like our tattoos as colorful as possible, but other times we want our tattoos, like our clothes, to match our dark, black-loving souls. Because, yes, we wear all black 24/7, even in the summer, and we DGAF. Luckily, we’re in the height of ~magical goodness~ when it comes to blackwork tattoos, and these stunning beauties are proof.

Here are some of our fave blackwork tattoos:

1. This beautiful shell

A stunning ode to the sea.

2. This little monkey

SO cute!

3. This origami unicorn

Such a unique idea.

4. This beautiful creature

Absolutely lovely.

5. This soft rose

Because floral is always a go-to.

6. This unique blackwork tattoo

So, so interesting.

7. These perf sunflowers

We’re *major* fans.

8. This simple plant

Because nothing is better than plants.

9. This eerie piece

Because a little ~creepy~ is always a good thing.

10. This sketch

Artsy AF.

11. This thistle

Simple, and stunning.

12. This illustration

Perfect for your all black style.

13. This Athena

Totally killer.

14. These peonies

A sweet bouquet.